Complete Newspaper Design – 16 Pages Filled With Content

April 9th, 2012

Like the title says. If you want a newspaper, what better way to get one then edit a template using Microsoft Word or Adobe Indesign if your tech savvy enough. It’a already done and here’s what I got for you. Visit this page to get it right now and be sure to watch the presentation video about this design below.


You may also want to get the free training by signing up right here at this page.

Newspaper Background For Your Newspaper Template

July 26th, 2011

Here’s a pretty nice newspaper background you can spread over your Microsoft Word newspaper template right under your content. The image is quite large so I don’t think you’ll have quality issues. Why use this newspaper background?

newspaper background from for your microsoft word newspaper templateWell, for one your newspaper will look just like real, will get an old look and feel. If it looks too perfect (all white) people will sense it’s not really a newspaper. More newspaper backgrounds will soon be uploaded. So, download this newspaper background and insert it into your .doc word document that contains the newspaper template.

Newspaper Template – sports, cooking recipe template, auto parts newsletter – Ready filled and illustrated

March 10th, 2011

Do you want do use a professionally made newspaper template for your classroom, sport team, school newspaper, newspaper for  kids? Why not use this one to save some time?newspaper template preview

This can also be used for sports or other niches like cooking recipe template, auto parts newsletter template. This is real easy to edit, just select the content boxes and replace the text – the text boxes have no border and no filling color so they blend in the newspaper template very well. Same goes for the pictures, you simply delete the “fish” pictures already illustrated in there (they are just examples to show you how everything works together) and place your own shots. The design works with Microsoft Word, so you need to have that installed on your computer, but if you want a free alternative you can also use Open Office Writer… You are supplied with a preview of the newspaper generator inside the zip file you can download below and the file format for the newspaper design is .doc (opens with Microsoft Word editor)

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Newspaper Template – Excellent

February 3rd, 2011

newspaper template

free newspaper template

Another newspaper template for you to enjoy.
Want to make your own newspaper for school, newspaper for work/job or just have some ideas? This is just great. It comes in a Microsoft Word package that is really easy to use and edit. It looks excellent and will surely impress anyone looking at it.
If you have any questions just comment here. The content inside is just for example, everything can be replaced – that means the text, the pictures, article text colors, layout even…
Hope you like it and good editing!
Will you come back on this newspaper template website later?

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Professional Newspaper Template for Microsoft Word

January 11th, 2011

newspaper-for-word-5This is the most professional newspaper template for word I’ve seen yet. It just looks like it was make by an expert in the field. And you can edit it and make it your own.

Even the titles, subtitles and fonts in general look like they fit. And it’s a long format like real newspapers are so you’ll need longer paper if you’re going to print this one out. Nevertheless it’s a valuable resource for school projects, school teachers wanting to get the word out, community newspapers and more.

You can edit everything like pictures, text, titles, ads. You even get a content summary at the bottom.

Hope you enjoy editing this template and it helps you get rig of the extra work of making a newspaper from scratch.

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Cool Word Newspaper Template – Easy and Free

January 11th, 2011

Do you want to make a newspaper for yourself or for school? Why not use this newspaper template to achieve your goal? It’s free after all – you can’t loose anything by trying it. No more thinking and designing. No more stress. Just get this newspaper template and fill it with your content. You don’t need to know much about design, nothing about programming and even less about all the boring stuff to edit this newspaper template. All you need is a creative mind when writing your articles – and insert them in the template – the rest is already made. There’s room for pictures (the blue -green spaces) and you get fonts included in the package.

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Good School Newspaper Template

January 11th, 2011

Did you create some newspaper articles? Now all you need is a newspaper template to put them in. This will be a good high school newspaper, summer school newspaper or middle school newspaper template. Start work and show off your content right now, it’s fairly easy, but if you have any questions you can ask them here. This newspaper template has editable areas, such as titles, headlines, articles, author name, the blue rectangles are places to insert pictures in. This template is made in Microsoft Word, that means you can edit it very easy, even if you don’t know much about design or newspapers in fact. You will receive the fonts with the newspaper pack.

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Free Microsoft Word Newspaper Template For School

January 11th, 2011

newspaper template preview pictureWhat do you think about this one? It’s so easy to use and it’s a good quality newspaper template, which is free also, to get interesting results with your homework or school project for example, then this is your template to download right here. May be used as a community newsletter, club newspaper, team newspaper and more. It’s meant to be used online, on a pc and in print.

newspaper preview pic

This is a two sections template (you can see the preview images on this post) – same as this other template here which has a similar design.

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Newspaper Template for Microsoft Word

January 11th, 2011

preview newspaper templateThis newspaper template works well with Microsoft Word, but other than MS you can use Open Office to open it, which is free.

preview newspaper 2

This special template has two pages which you can use to expose your content. One is a front page design and the other is to be used inside for the next pages. Will take any suggestions on this design.

Another newspaper template is always soon to come. Please visit again to check for new newspaper template. They are all free for you to modify and use as you want to, may that be school newspaper, teacher project, kids and student newspaper. Read the rest of this entry »

Free Newspaper Template for Word

January 11th, 2011

newspaper template previewShown here is a free newspaper template for Microsoft Word. Hope you like the colors, but if you don’t, you can change them to whatever you like – they may be a little too pink/purple. Same goes for the newspaper text, newspaper font and newspaper layout, you can replace or edit that with the simple use of MS Word or maybe Open Office Writer if you want a free alternative to Word. New newspaper template is coming soon. This newspaper template is very useful for school projects, classroom teaching, making a newsletter and more. Make a newspaper! Read the rest of this entry »